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Lie Detection

NYC Private Investigators

Polygraph Testing:

Voice Stress Analysis is used to determine truthfulness by electronic means when accurate lie detection is necessary. Use it in person, by recorded message, by telephone, or in radio communications. Analysis can even be performed on archived or recorded material.

Voice Stress Analysis can be used to help in the selection of qualified candidates where stress and emotional reaction is a priority, or by business people concerned with critical negotiations or interpersonal assessment.

New York Investigations
New York Investigations

Truth or Lie detection is critical in the criminal investigation process and for a variety of other uses from Private Investigators in NYC.

  • Measure voice stress of competitors during meetings
  • Employer services, such as, corporate theft and fraud
  • Matrimonial fidelity lie detection
  • Business negotiations
  • Confirmation of treaty compliance
  • Airport security
  • Insurance claim verification

During uncertain times, in a society not noted for telling the truth, remote-wireless intelligence gathering and interviewing can be a critical factor in the success or failure of your business.

Conducted on a reliable test instrument and interpreted by trained analysts, Voice Stress Analysis will reveal voice characteristics which indicate stress and deception from these Experienced NYC Private Investigators.

Voice Stress Analysis continues to grow dramatically, proving the viability of the system for twenty-first century lie detection.



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