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Hedge Fund Investigations

We are a full service private investigation firm committed to preserving the integrity of the financial services industry through exhaustive background checks on professional money managers.

As a result of the rapid expansion of the hedge fund industry over the past decade and several high profile hedge fund related fraud cases, due diligence professionals and high net worth investors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of thorough background checks on current and prospective asset managers. Allow our experienced team to service all of your investigative needs. Our experienced team of investigators has been assisting individuals and corporations with financial fraud over the past decade.

New York Investigations

Services We Provide:

• Background checks on current and potential future asset managers. Depending on your level of risk, our process can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
• Service private equity and venture capital investors on target company and key executive investigations.
• Surveillance specialists.

Our Team Includes:

• Retired Police Detectives
• Former Special Agent
• Financial Analysts
• FBI National Academy Graduates


New York Investigations




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